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Getting Paid

In addition to a standard checking/savings account combo from a regular bank, you will need to sign up with PayPal (Yumalish) to start out with:

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The vast number of transactions that take place on the Internet go through PayPal. You will need to provide PayPal with a checking or savings account number as one of the steps in the process of verifying who you are. Since PayPal no longer offers to pay interest of your account balance I recomend you leave no money except for a penny to keep your account open, always transferring additional funds immediately to a savings account or somewhere else where your money is working for you.

Basic Income

Basic income programs are a new kind of non-profit that raises money and gives it away as cash to anyone who signs up, irrespective of income or socioeconomic status. These organizations are founded on the belief that everyone deserves an income regardless of ability or willingness to work. People who feel fortunate and would like to share their good fortune have the opportunity to distribute their wealth to the masses because they want to, not because of some government mandate forcing them to.

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GrantCoin is part of a new breed that believes everyone deserves access to a basic income.


A number of sites exist that allow you to perform small- to medium-sized tasks in exchange for a small payment. You will never make a living at these sites, but efficient workers can supplement their current income and/or save up to invest in the other more lucrative ways to make money on this page.

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Billing their service as “Artificial Artificial Intelligence”, Amazon Mechanical Turk's slogan is emblematic of the entire idea of microtasking services. To the person ordering these services, it's as if they feed questions to a computer that somehow magically returns answers to questions computers can not yet answer.

P2P Lending

Some cool programs are out there that let you lend to and borrow from other people. This is an area where you definitely don't want to spend any more money than you can afford to lose. However, these programs make it safer to as they assess potential borrowers and rate them based on their determination of creditworthiness. As a lender you get to evaluate those who are asking for loans to determine how much risk you can take. The riskier the borrower is the higher the percentage of interest charged on their loan. You make more money potentially, by assuming more rick. Or, you can choose to loan more conservatively to borrowers with better credit, but you will not make as much, assuming both risky and high-rating borrowers both pay back their loans in full.

Prosper Logo

Prosper was the original P2P lending site, still going strong after many years.

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LendingClub is another fine, well-established P2P lending service.

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Funding Circle is a P2P lending service with stricter standards for both borrowers and lenders to meet.


Quite a variety of ways are available to make money in alternative currencies. Even more ways are available to lose a lot of money. It is important in this arena to not spend any more money than you can afford to lose. Many more currencies than Bitcoin exist and were created for a myriad of reasons and with many features, so don't limit yourself to Bitcoin. A great place to read about the latest in the would of cryptocurrencies, make sure to plan to regularly read BTCmanager

A quick and low-risk way to get started earning some cryptocurrency, to get a little bit of money in your pocket you can parlay to an amount that means something, is to join a mining pool. By joining a collective of other miners you can pool your computational resources and share the proceeds. You need no special equipment other than the computer you already have to get started. While you will make more if your machine has a poweful graphics card, you don't even need that to start making a little money by mining currencies.

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MinerGate is one of the most trusted mining pools around. You can mine from their web-based interface if you don't want or are unable to download the client. Because of their web-based interface you could even use your Internet-enabled smart device to mine currency!

Instead of using your own hardware to mine alternative currencies, many choose to purchase computational resources from third parties who specialize in the assembly of compter hardware for the express purpose of currency mining. This is the area of cryptocurrencies where it is most crucial to carefully do your homework and to spend very conservatively as an inherent conflict of interest here is that if they are building all of this computational power, why don't they just cut the customer out and keep all the proceeds from mining for themselves? Some would argue that in order to muster that kind of computing power in a timely fashion they need funding that only bringing in customers can provide.

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Genesis Mining is one of the oldest, most trusted companies in the cryptocurrency mining business. To prove that they are actually mining cryptocurrency they feature a webcam in the room holding their hardware and offer a live feed so you can, for example, watch technicians switching out hardware and performing other maintenance duties.

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Nothing increases your earning potential like investing in your mind. Whether or not formal schooling is right for you at this time or at all, there are a number of ways to educate yourself if you have access to a good Internet connection. In addition to the